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harmony within

full health on all levels of life

You are the Universe. 
All knowledge is within you and has always been there.
Life is an experience that enriches your consciousness.
Everything serves your eternal essence from a higher realm.
Inner harmony is an expression of health on all levels.
You can obtain it through deep understanding and self-love.
You are the biggest treasure you own. Open yourself up to the wisdom that is within you.
When you discover yourself, you will understand that you already have everything.
The universe will open its sources of wisdom and abundance to give you what you need at the right moment .

What is harmonization?

Full health on all levels of life


Harmonization of energetic obstacles at in-person or remote sessions

of real estates

Information for property owners and real estate agents:

of companies

Skillful and conscious application of energetic resources

Individual harmonization

Harmonization of energetic obstacles
at in-person or remote sessions

  • harmonizing your professional relationships
  • intimate and family relationships
  • guidance in making decisions about professional and personal life
  • ( insight into energetic configurations – whether they are beneficial for the future)
  • for people who had traumatic experiences
  • for those who suffer physically and/or mentally
  • balancing of body, aura, and spirit
  • other services available
  • private and business coaching
  • and much more

Baby now!

Welcoming new life

Preparing for children:

If you long for a child in your life, but things have not worked out for you yet, it is possible that energetic harmonization of your body (and perhaps your partner's) could help bring your child to this world.

I offer:

1. multidimensional purification

2. tuning and harmonization on the level of your own and family's karma

3. mental and spiritual preparation

Harmonization of companies

Harmonization of energetic obstacles
at on-site or remote sessions

  •                               everything consists of energy
  •            skillful and mindful application of energetic sources           
  •                               better results to achieve your goals
What I offer:
1. energetic counseling for the opening of a new business (e.g. its success potential)
2. energetic evaluation of advertisement and its effectiveness
3. harmonizing and purification of the company’s properties
4. energizing of projects and objects
5.  harmonization of room layout and office arrangement to optimize atmosphere for clients and staff and improve success for the company
6.  recommandations for further development of the company

Read my clients testimonials…

Harmonization of real estates

Harmonization of energetic obstacles
on-site or remote sessions

Harmonization is an effective way to purify individuals and objects from foreign energies.

Information for property owners and real estate agents:

Homes, apartments and the individuals who live there, are influenced by inner and outer energy sources
that is why disharmony, problems, and blockages can emarge during a sale.

Information on the disturbances that influence your sale:

Potential disturbances:

1. Foreign energies from previous owners, patients, or clients

2. Energies of living people who block the sale

 3. People who do not wish you well

4. Mental energetic limitations from external sources or from within

5. Emotional disruptions

6. The object is occupied by foreign cosmic energies

7. Souls of diseased individuals who are “imprisoned” on earth are tied to the property

8. The property is located on an old graveyard or in an area where many people died

7. Karmic reasons

8. Many other problems

I offer by selling:

1. cleaning of your property from these undesirable
energies in direct work with you or remotely

2. counseling on what can help you to sell your property

3. and much more...

By buying:

1. energetic assistance during property purchase
(whether the object/property you want to buy harmonizes with its potential new residents)

 2. finding best place for sleeping, working, and learning

3. and much more


Clients feedback

With loving dedication to her energy work and the individuals she works with, Hanna touches the hearts of all those who invite her into their lives. She approaches each person and project with the pure intention of immersing them in unconditional love and light.
Hanna provides encouragement and lovingly guides her clients to discover the source of unconditional love and light within themselves so that they may feel empowered to live their lives with courage and trust in their eternal purpose.

Maria K., New York City, U.S.

I first met Hanna in October 2017 and she instantly acknowledged how closed down and trapped I was. It took one year to meet her again and allow myself to open and finally do something to change my life. She helped me to TRULY and genuinely take care of myself and this allowed me to trust and believe in my inner strength and Love. Today I believe that the Light I'm feeling inside will take me further and further, I also learned to be grateful, every single day. Hanna guided me to find true Harmony and for me this is still a work in progress task but I'm so grateful for everything she gave me. There are no words to express how thankful I am that she didn't give up on me and waited until I opened up and was available to change.

Tania Lucena da E.
Psicóloga Clínica, Lisabon, Portugal
The first time I met Hanna personally, I was immediately filled with a sense of positivity. I met her at a time when my life was off the rails and I would be facing some strokes of fate soon. She helped me to learn to appreciate and love myself again and to broaden my view of the possibilities in my life. She reminded me that I have the power to shape the life of my dreams. She accompanies me through various negative, but also positive stages. Focusing on self-love and gratitude for everything that makes us happier or stronger is of crucial importance.

After our first Meeting, I noticed positive changes on a personal basis, but also in my life in general. It got easier to make decisions, to be happy, grateful and strong. I live much more consciously, and this has a positive effect on me, my family and work. I'm thankful I met Hanna. She caught me up with her love. Furthermore, using her gift and expertise she pushed me to a higher level of life quality and personal potential.

Melanie, Essen, Germany

Inspirations for you

Good to know

About me

I am Hanna.
Many sources of knowledge have molded my understanding of the universe.
Understanding our true inner strength has been the most precious chapter of my education.
I am truly grateful for this knowledge.

My intention is to also help you rediscover and revive your own source of strength.
If you trust yourself you will always receive what you need in any given moment.

Consultation in: 
English, German, Polish, Russian and in remote sessions.


in English, German or Polish
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